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Fish Fight!

Fish Fight!

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and friends have been broadcasting the Fish Fight all this week on Channel 4. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of problems relating to the ways in which we source and use fish and I for one have been appalled at some of the topics discussed. From the way in
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Graduation by Colin Howley

More bad news for higher education

Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat deputy leader and government advisor on access to higher education, has revealed plans to reform universities as reported in the Guardian and the Telegraph.

Computer says no...

Computer says no…

I have just experienced a classic case of  ‘computer says no’ when renewing my car insurance with one of the major insurance companies, who shall remain nameless (suffice to say they are not listed on any comparison websites, according to Messrs Fry and Merton).  I will recount the full story as a lesson in how
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Hatchet II

Hatchet job…

The new ConDem coalition government has recently announced a whole raft of cuts and restructuring which promises to radically change our public services. Whether this is for the better, I for one, think not; most likely they will do considerable damage to our public services at a time when we need to be investing in
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Evolution poll

On the nature of science and existence; a message to the hard of thinking regarding evolutionary theory

I have resisted chipping in on the ‘debate’ surrounding so-called ‘intelligent design’ vs evolution but something I read recently in my Google Reader list from ScienceBlogs wound me up a treat. John H Calvert wrote an article in WorldNetDaily entitled A new age of religious discrimination in which he asserts that religious freedom in the
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New directions in GIS

New directions in GIS

The world of the geoweb is advancing apace with cloud based data storage, mobile platforms and web based applications/geoprocessing coming to the fore. Esri have boosted their presence with the release of ArcGIS 10, its updated desktop, web and mobile components and associated resources.


Stonehenge Visitor Centre RIP. Again.

The BBC have just reported that in addition to the dramatic cuts to public services, the Con Dem coalition have cut the government funding for the Stonehenge Visitor Centre Project. I imagine the project will now be cancelled as it is unlikely that English Heritage, Wiltshire Council, the Highways Agency or indeed anyone else will
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Oh, The Rose, The Dead Red Rose by greg hefner

It ain't all smelling of roses…

I recently criticised Conservative policy in the run up to the general election but that’s not to say the Labour party is the answer to all our prayers; having been in power for thirteen years, the optimism of the early days has long gone. The red rose of Labour has well and truly wilted…

Victorian era tea by Thiophene_Guy

'Big Society' or 'Back to the Future'…?

Well, the manifestos are published and everyone seems to be pushing ‘fairness’ and ‘change’. None more so than the Conservatives and they have unveiled their grand vision of the future: Big Society. This seems to be superficially about empowerment of local people, reducing tax burdens and getting the populous more involved in society and government.
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comfort me with apples by

Time for the apple to bite back…

Amongst all the pre-election political ranting, posturing and point-scoring, an argument from Theresa May stood out today. Yes, social cohesion, the financial problems faced by the country and the so-called war on terror are all big issues but May claimed on Radio 4 that binge drinking and anti-social behaviour can be reduced by targeting what
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