The Omid Djalili show

Becky got some free tickets to see the filming of Omid Djalili’s new show, on BBC in the autumn so we trundled off to Wood Lane (where there was a Tardis outside the audience entrance!!). We saw two episodes being filmed and whilst the format is quite traditional (stand-up interspersed with sketches), his talent as an actor made the sketches and his stand-up material had me in stitches for much of the show. Yes, the content could be seen as quite close to the mark (wherever the mark happens to be, probably somewhere near Edgeware Road for one joke referencing the recent london bombings…) but is always carefully thought out and usually very funny. Ethnic catchphrase was a popular skit, pandering to sterotypes something chronic or challenging the pomposity of political correctness, or whatever – it was FUNNY!! His take on the news getting the ‘view from the middle east’ by talking to some obsessive, hook-handed jihadi before cutting to the weather is hilarious yet strangely accurate at the same time (surely, it has to be noted that groups of normal folks going about their business are usually absent from the media, in favour of those banging their heads and screaming…?). This is obviously material he has prepared well; in the HBO films below we see this expanded to see Al-Jazeera getting the ‘view from the Christian west’ by speaking to some redneck Ku-Klux-Klan leader – yee haw! Of course, not all his material is so contraversial; some of the sketches are proper old-school humour, verging on the Russ Abbott (I’m thinking the caring skinhead and over-involved parent here, two classics).

Supported by Patrick Monohan (an incredible standup who I’ve seen before in Bristol and who just could not say Djalili – hilarious!!) who did the warmup and anything else the floor manager wanted. Also spotted was Ian Stone working in the wings on Omid’s material; I saw him in Bristol too, amazingly funny bloke (and very quick to deal with hecklers so beware, if that’s your thing).

Omid on HBO in the USA (if you like this, you’ll love the show as many of the jokes make an appearance in episodes 4 and 5):

And there’s plenty more on YouTube