The wonders of social networking

A while ago, i was pointed towards a social networking site and thought that sounds interesting. On visiting though, i quickly decided it was not the sort of place i wanted to hang around… However, it kept coming up in conversation and it was only then when i realised i had made a mistake of gargantuan proportions regarding the name of the site that i found FaceBook (FaceParty is something else altogether!)

Having now signed up on FaceBook, it’s amazing how many lovely people are out there. My friends network has grown exponentially this week since registering and I need to find time to write to all my lovely friends, especially those who i haven’t seen for yonks (yo Nigel, Rob and Alexis!) and those i have been meaning to invite over to wales (soz Harriet, i’ll be in touch presently) and those who have strange tendancies (yes, you Zombie ninja Kayt ;-)

Which brings me to my point; these social networking sites are great but isn’t there a possibility that one spends soo much time networking virtually, there is no time for actual proper meeting up with folks…? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I for one, living in the remote outreaches of Wales, am looking forward to this social phenomena.