The wonders of technology

Not so long ago, it took an age and a big old computer to browse the web. Now, it’s possible on pda’s, phones and all manner of portable devices including…

The Sony PSP, which I have been experimenting with (as well as playing a lot of Worms…). The PSP browser does an excellant job of rendering pages onto the small screen using some smarty pants Sony technology. Of course, this can be turned off and pages appear as the author intended, but it works really well for most sites including Flickr and Microsoft Web Access, although it does have memory issues if there is a lot of data. Having wireless access on the PSP means it is also now possible to cruise the web (or play Worms)whilst in the bath, relaxing with a glass of wine perhaps, without risk of risk of electrocution!

Flickr on PSPFlickr collections on PSPWebmail on the PSP